This week in Mr. Barry's K2 Class...

November 3 to 7

This week we continue to work on letter sounds, syllables, the difference between letters and words, how books work, and letter identification. I am also doing an assessment called the EVT (expressive vocabulary test), which asks children to look at pictures and answer questions about them. The questions get more difficult as the test progresses and administration of the test stops when a child misses five questions in a row. This then gives a score (total correct) to compare to when we do the assessment again in the spring to show how their vocabulary has increased.

In math we started playing a game called "Guess My Rule" where I do a "people sort" and the kids have to guess what my rule is. We've done shirt stripes, shirt color, hair color, first letter of name, boys and girls, etc. - feel free to practice this at home!
October 27 - 31 
This week we are continuing our work with rhyming, differentiating between letters and words, syllables, and letter sounds. I can see progress in every child so please continue to reinforce this at home! It is working! Just a reminder that we are going to the Children's Museum on Friday, October 31st. I ask that you send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing and sneakers as we will most likely be walking (it's a 20 minute walk according to google maps).

October 14 - 17

I found this article on storytelling that I wanted to share with you because we do a lot of storytelling at school. We begin with storytelling, then we draw pictures to go with our stories, eventually we add labels, words, sentences, multiple pages, etc. until we have complete books. This is a year long process, so check this article out so you can help your kindergartner at home! Remember - it doesn't matter what language you use to practice telling stories with your child, the same parts of the brain are activated and the same skills are developed!

I also sent out some links that will help reinforce letter ID and Letter sound knowledge - please feel free to check these out too!

Here is where I will post information about what we are learning at school! I will do my best to keep this section up to date!

October 6-10

This week we are learning about rhyming - hearing and making rhymes. You can reinforce this skill at home by playing rhyming games with your Kindergartener! Here's a cute game on pbs kids - say the words for them if you decide to play this!

We are also working on print concepts, words go from left to right, there is space between words, the difference between a letter and a word, etc. These things seem obvious to us but are difficult when you are just learning this for the first time! Help out at home by pointing while you read, and asking your kindergartner where to begin reading, where to go next, and show them how to touch each word as you read! Tumblebooks is a great resource for this:

In math we are working on careful counting and double checking. You can help at home by counting everything! Even every day household objects (buttons, paper clips, head bands, etc.) are perfect! Here is a cute counting game you can play!

I am also working on reinforcing manners (please, thank you, your welcome, excuse me, turn taking, using words to express frustration), you can help me by reinforcing these skills at home.
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