Homework in K2 is a 15-minute, shared experience between adult and Kindergartner.  Use the time to ask questions and discuss the activity with your Kindergartner.

Monday:  Poem and Question
    We will have a poem of the week that will be sent home on Monday that your Kindergartner will be familiar with.  The question asks for an illustration responding to some aspect of the poem or its theme.

Tuesday:  Keep Book
    Keep Books will be sent home and are to be read together by adult and Kindergartner and colored by your Kindergartner after being read.  Showing them how to track print as it is read, asking questions, and pointing out punctuation are great ways to use the Keep Book.

Wednesday:  Keep Book Question
    The question asks for an illustration responding to some aspect of the Keep Book or its theme (same idea as Poem Questions)

Thursday:  Handwriting (numbers and letters)
    These activities will give your Kindergartner practice in writing letters, numbers and words relating to our unit themes in school.

Friday:  Let's Find Out
    Scholastic puts out great monthly packets that I will send a section home from every Friday.  There is usually a short activity to go along the reading.  Your Kindergartner can keep this at home - you don't need to send it back.

Weekend:  Read together each night
    The most important thing you can do to ensure that your Kindergartner becomes a life-long learner and book-lover is read with them every night.  Show them how to use illustrations and letters to figure out what the words might mean, show them with your finger how to read from left to right and go back to the left again to read the next line.  Take the weekend to read with your Kindergartner.  Feel free to use the poems or Keep Books, but I encourage you to use other age-appropriate books to read with them at home.
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